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 How to use RAPIDSHARE [inc. video]

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PostSubject: How to use RAPIDSHARE [inc. video]   Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:42 am

What is Rapidshare? How to use Rapidshare and How to get everything you ever wanted.

If youíre looking to learn about Rapidshare (www.rapidshare.com) and file sharing you have come to the right place. If you donít already know what Rapidshare is, prepare to be blown away. In this blog I will be fully explaining what Rapidshare is and
how to use it and if youíre like most people reading this right now you
probably have no idea what Rapidshare actually is.

So letís begin. RapidShare is basically a German One-click hosting site
that operates from Switzerland and is financed by the subscriptions of
paying users. It operates as a pay service, allowing any member to
upload files of up to 100MB. The user is then supplied with a unique
download URL, which locates the file and enables anyone with whom the
uploader shares it to download the file.

More simply all this means is that Rapidshare has a bunch of these servers; these
servers are loaded with anything and everything you could ever think of. Every
game, every program/application, every movie, every song, every e-book,
literally anything that can be stored on a hard drive, you can find on the
Rapidshare servers. Basically anything youíre looking for your guaranteed to
find. Missed an episode of your favorite TV series?, no worries you can download
that episode right away. Need some expensive computer software, you got it! You
can even download e-books on pretty much anything you can think of. But thatís
not all, its gets better; Rapidshare is extremely fast when it comes to
downloads. Iím talking downloading full DVD quality movies in a matter of
10-20 minutes. You are not capped, you can download as fast as your internet can
possibly go.

Rapidshare is such a big site, it is ridiculous. In fact the original website was www.rapidshare.de, but the servers got full and they started www.rapidshare.com. It ranks as one of the most visited websites in the world, and as far as traffic goes it competes with the major websites like Google and Yahoo. You can check out their rating on Alexa. Click here

Now you might be asking, where do all these files and games and movies come from? The answer is you! There are literally thousands of people uploading tons of information every second of every day on Rapidshare. Now this doesnít mean, you gotta start
uploading stuff, if you just want to download stuff, thatís perfectly fine.

So at this point youíre probably convinced that Rapidshare is all you'll ever
need when it comes to getting any type of file on the internet, and the truth of
the matter is your absolutely right. You really donít need anything besides
this service.

So now youíre probably wondering what exactly the catch is. Well like all good
things in life, there is a cost involved. Rapidshare is however free, but if
youíre a serious downloader youíre gonna eventually want to get a premium
account. The difference is much faster downloads, and you will soon realize that
getting a premium account is mandatory. When you upload a file to Rapidshare it
gets broken down into a bunch of links, each file will be on average 100mb. So
if you upload a 600 megabyte movie there will be 6 files to download. If you
have premium access you just copy and paste the links into a program called
Flashget (this is all fully explained in the tutorial section, click the
downloading link for more information) and let it automatically download all the
files. Just set it and forget it. However, if youíre a free user and donít
have premium access you have to download the files individually one by one, you
canít download more than 1 file at a time and you have to wait a certain
period of time between downloads, usually a couple of minutes to an hour. The
whole process of downloading becomes very tedious.

So how much does it exactly cost? Well depending on how long of a subscription you
want you can expect to pay anywhere from 10 dollars for a 1 month subscription,
or around 23 dollars for a 3 month subscription. You can also get subscriptions
up to 1 year.

The prices are very affordable when you consider all the great stuff you'll be
downloading. What makes it even better is that if you upload files you can
accumulate points, which in turn extend the life of your subscription. So if you
upload enough you can prolong the life of your premium access to Rapidshare for
however long you chose. But once again this is not mandatory.

How To Use Rapidshare

is not the most intuitive service for file hosting. I admit that it is
a bit of a hassle to use. However, it is *free* and since I need to
conserve bandwidth I use them to host Nokia E61 themes.
Here's how you use Rapidshare in three easy steps:
1. Click on the Rapidshare link. Scroll down and click "Free" at the bottom right of the page:

2. Here comes the painful part. Rapidshare forces you to wait and
stare at some stupid ad for about a minute. Wait until the countdown
clock reaches zero.

3. Almost there! Enter the code and click "Download". That's it.

Video clip:
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How to use RAPIDSHARE [inc. video]
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